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Student Picture Retake Day NOVEMBER 6th

Important Information 

Phone: 970-686-8500

 Fax: 970-686-8501
 Attendance Line: 970-686-8505 

 Office Hours: 7:30 am to 4:00 p.m. 

First bell to start the day rings at 7:55 a.m. 

End of day bell rings at 2:45 p.m.

Weld RE-4 Online Enrollment / Check-in

 2020-2021 Annual Family Check-in (AFC)

Families with Existing Students and New Students to Enroll
Campus Parent > More > Annual Family Check-in > Click Here to go to Existing Student Registration
○ You may add New Students later in the Student Section
■ Kindergarten thru 12th grade
Out of District Open Enrollments for 5th-->6th and 8th-->9th
○ Open Enrollment forms must be filled out and handed into school or District Office

 Families with Existing Students
Campus Parent > More > Annual Family Check-in > Click Here to go to Existing Student Registration
● Preschool-->Kindergarten
○ AFC Applications may still have a Preschool grade designation. Schools are in the process of updating to Kindergarten. No need to change or notify school.
Out of District Open Enrollments for 5th-->6th and 8th-->9th
○ Open Enrollment forms must be filled out and handed into school or District Office

2020-2021 - New Family/Student to Weld Re-4

New Student - No siblings enrolled at Weld RE-4
Weld Re-4 > Enroll > K-12
○ Register all new students
■ Kindergarten thru 12th grades
● Preschool see Early Childhood Information and Process to Enroll

Skyview Parent Handbook

Information About School Supplies


Dear Future Preschool thru 5th grade Families:


As we think about the upcoming school year, we continually want to be reflective of our practice and strive to prepare our students to be knowledgeable and inquiring individuals that contribute to our world and desire to be lifelong learners. In order to meet our goals, it is critical that our students collaborate, think deeply, communicate, problem solve, create and innovate, and think analytically. In our ever-changing world, it is imperative that we afford our students access to materials and tools to meet their needs. Sometimes these are different than the traditional school supplies of pencil and paper.


As you know, in the past, each grade level has had a school supply list. We would like to ask that instead of purchasing school supplies for your child for the upcoming school year, you make a monetary donation to Skyview School of STEM. We have researched the cost of supplies and found that $40 per student is the average amount that families spend. With your donation we will cover the cost of school supplies (which we will buy in bulk), and purchase & repair of technology tools to support student achievement at Skyview. In addition to providing supplies for students, the money will be spent on ways to support technology integration and on-line subscriptions (such as Scholastic, Newsela, Powtoons, Glogster, WeVideo, National Geographic, Storyworks and Voki).


When students return to school in August, we ask that you contribute $40 to our school; checks need to be made payable to Skyview School of STEM.


Feel free to contact me if you have questions.




Evan Netzer 

 Principal Skyview School of STEM


What is STEM


  Science               Technology           Engineering   Math

Select an area of STEM above to learn more! 

Skyview is a place with a warm and welcoming atmosphere where students and staff work together collaboratively to create and enhance learning opportunities. Skyview is an educational culture that embraces the importance of educating the whole child through an academic focus on all content areas plus physical education, music, art, and social skills. Staff members at Skyview are innovative, energetic, and share their passion for life-long learning. The staff uses brain-based teaching strategies with 21st Century Skills to ensure that students are well prepared for their futures in this ever changing world.

Student doing bankingLine Graph2nd grade scienceStudent in Art
New Student Enrollment
Welcome to Skyview School of STEM. If you are a new family to our school please click on the button to the left to enroll.
High Five Video
Please click on the link to the left to enjoy our High Five Student Video!
General School Closure Information
Dear Weld RE-4 School District Community, Occasionally there are weather, safety, or health-related issues that require a school closure or a late start/early release. As soon as the Superintendent of Schools, in consultation with the Directors of both Transportation and Operations, makes a determination to close or implement a late start/earl release, the information is released to the public through a variety of means. The district is committed to release the information as soon as possible to inform parents, students, and community members in a timely manner.
School Hours
School Hours: 7:55 - 2:45

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