November 2011 PTAC Minutes
Skyview Elementary School
PTAC Minutes
November 14, 2011
Meeting began @ 6 pm by Kelly Brink, PTAC President
Box Tops/Campbell’s: Jeri gave a couple reminders for Box tops/Campbell’s:
*Keep collecting and sending in to the school
*Box tops, Campbell’s & milk caps are all separate programs. Don’t mix together when sending into Skyview.
*Include UPC and point value for Campbell’s
Book Fair
*Another successful and fun event.
*Earned $3183
Laps for Learning/Entertainment Books
*SV raised $7548 from Laps for Learning and Entertainment Books sales.
Watch DOGS: Cindy gave an update:
*Great way for dads, grandpas, uncles…. to get involved and be a positive presence in the school.
*One-third of the days this school year a Watch DOG has been present on campus.
*Check school website for Cindy’s contact information if you want to get involved.
Family Math Night: Friday, January 13, 2012
*Emphasis will be math—rotates between math and literacy every other year.
*Two speakers will present information to parents while students are in their classrooms learning math games/activities. Students will be given supplies to take math game/activity home.
*Information will also be shared regarding an upcoming 4 session math class for parents.
*The event will include pizza dinner and door prizes.
Skyview T-shirts: Cindy gave an update on t-shirts:
*New design includes “Skyview School of STEM”. Black shirt with color letters.
*Ordering forms will be sent home soon.
*Good Christmas idea.
*Orders due by November 30
*Shirts will be available before holiday break.
*Samples available for sizing in the hall.
Volunteer Coordinators:
*King Soopers cards are a big success for Skyview. The school has earned $1710 since the beginning of the school year. Contact Betsy Apodaca if you still need to get a King Soopers card.
*Room Moms and other parents please take photos of classroom parties, and other school events. Please give photos to Salinda.
Family Game Night at Skyview: Friday, March 2, 2012 5:30 pm-7:30pm
*Spaghetti dinner at a low cost
*Bring a game from home and play with friends/family
*Possible Artwork fundraiser booth—more information at a later date.
*Baked goods/Dessert Auction.
*This event will replace the Sport Night from previous years.
Purchases with Fundraising $: Tammy gave update:
*Additional Promethean Boards-They are a positive learning tool in the classroom. Provide interactive learning opportunities and bring current events into the classroom instantly.
*Additional ELMOs (document cameras)-Versatile use in classrooms.
*Some money will be used to support school clubs-running club
*Fund fieldtrips
*P.E. equipment-new mats for tumbling unit
*Music instruments
STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math: Amy Nicholl, STEM Coordinator gave an update:
*Amy has met with all kids/classes at Skyview. She meets with kids Thurs/Fri afternoons
*Classes are working on projects (i.e. 3rd graders are studying/growing plants, 5th graders are studying Mind storm Robotics)
*All the teachers are using the STEM classroom for projects with their classes.
Technology: Meeting was moved to the computer lab where Teri Romshek gave an update:
*Several students were present to demonstrate technology skills they are applying (i.e Tagxedo, Power Point, research, Story Bird)
*Skyview has 6 IPads that were awarded through a Century Link grant. The 5th graders used the IPads to develop lesson plans and teach other grades (i.e. plants, weather)
Meeting was adjourned at 7pm.
The January meeting will include all elementary schools. Location TBA.
April’s PTAC will include presentations on engineering and math.
PTAC Officers 2011-12

Kristen Scheider - Secretary