Dress Code

We want all all students to feel comfortable engaging in learning during the school day while still being allowed to express themselves. In order to create a safe and effective learning environment, students are expected to meet the follow expectations:

  1. Show good daily hygiene.
  2. Wear shoes at all times.
  3. Wear clothes appropriate for the weather.
  4. Wear clothes that are safe and free of inappropriate or threatening slogans, logos, phrases, words, symbols, and / or suggestive images.
  5. Wear clothes that cover all their undergarments.
  6. Wear clothes that may not be seen through.
  7. Wear hats or hoods with permission on certain days or activities only.

If it is deemed that a student has not met the expectations, the student will be asked to correct the violation. A parent may be notified if the situation cannot be rectified at school.