What is the difference between a visitor and a volunteer?

Volunteers are involved on a more regular and ongoing basis and may be alone with students. Visitors typically do not work with students unsupervised and are not engaging with regular and ongoing volunteer activities. Visitors will be screened upon entry to any school buildings; we ask that all visitors provide a state issued ID at check in. The background check for visitors includes the sex offender list.

Get Involved!

We love having parents / guardians and family members in the building helping to contribute to the success of our students!

Skyview has a Volunteer Coordinator who will reach out each year to showcase opportunities throughout the school year. You can also reach out to your student’s teacher to volunteer within the classroom.

How to Volunteer

To ensure the safety of our staff and students, we ask that all volunteers complete an application for a background check. Volunteers must register and be approved prior to engaging in any volunteer activity. Once you are approved, an email will be sent to you notifying you of the approval and your user account information.

Apply Now (English|Spanish)

When volunteering, please observe the following guidelines:

  • All visitors and volunteers must check in at the office during school hours.
  • Cell phones need to be turned off while in the classroom.
  • Younger children should not accompany you if you are staying in the classroom for any length of time.
  • While in classrooms, you may observe unique behaviors of individual children.  Please respect the privacy and rights of each child by not sharing stories about individual students in the community.

Parent Teacher Advisory Council (PTAC)

The purpose of this group is to support staff and students in their educational efforts, assist in developing school priorities, facilitate positive communication to our community, and offer suggestions for school improvement by identifying strengths and areas for growth.

All parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in our monthly cabinet meetings; time and place will be communicated through Campus Courier emails and on our website.  Quarterly informational meetings with topics specific to our students will be scheduled.

School Advisory Council (SAC)

Members of the School Advisory Council are asked to serve as an advisory board to the school.  This group will make recommendations to the principal concerning school budget, student achievement, and overall functioning of the school.  This group meets on a quarterly basis.  If you would like to be involved, please contact the principal.

District Accountability Committee (DAC)

Skyview School of STEM provides parent representation to the District Accountability Committee.  This group meets to address specific agenda items directed from the Weld REe-4 District School Board.  The committee is advisory in nature and will give participants knowledge and understanding of the entire school district.  If you are interested in becoming a member of this committee, let the principal know.