No Brainer Fundraisers

This year we are participating in several "no cost to participant" fundraisers. They are listed below with a brief description.

Box Tops For Education is a program sponsored by General Mills. All you have to do is clip the "Box Tops For Education" coupon off the product you are using and send it to school. We get ten cents for every box top we turn in. Click on their website link to see what products have these nifty coupons on them. (There are over a hundred different products that have these coupons!)

Labels For Education is a program sponsored by Campbell's to help schools earn products for the school. We save the labels from hundreds of products to "buy" items for our school. These labels aren't just on soup products. Other products such as Pepperidge Farms, Pace, Franco American and Prego are also included. Again, all that has to happen is to collect the label from these sponsors' products and bring them to the school. Click below to find out more information about this program.

Cartridges For Kids helps the environment while helping schools. This company will pay money to schools for recycling printer cartridges and cell phones. Simply bring any used cell phone or printer cartridge to the school and we will ship it off to be recycled. The web link for this company is

Target donates 1% of purchases made at Target on Target cards or Target Visa. They also give 1/2% of any purchases made elsewhere using the Target Visa card to the school that you have designated. If you are making purchases with either of these cards and haven't designated a school, think about designating Skyview Elementary as the school your purchases are credited towards. This program is good nationwide so let aunts, uncles and grandparents know about this easy way to support your child's education. If you would like more information on this program offered by Target, please click on their link here:

Dominos Dough Raising – Each month our local Domino’s Pizza has two days where if you purchase pizza they will donate $2.00 to our school. Flyers go out about a week ahead of these special days so parents can plan to order pizza those days if they want.
Morning Fresh Dairy sponsors a program where they give us five-cents for every bottle cap that we collect. These caps can be off of any of their bottled products. If you know of neighbors or family members that get Morning Fresh products delivered, please ask them to save these caps for us too!

Thank you so much for your help on these fundraisers. They really do add up quite quickly!